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Love grows just like if you plant a seed in a garden,

It takes time to germinate as the seed grows, so does love


You feed it with love and compassion as it blooms into a someone

reciprocating the warmth that you have given to them 


It flourishes with care through the years, sometimes dormant

 in the dry spells, always vibrant and bright when nourished.


One day you look out and see how this beautiful individual has

sustained its being through the winter, starting to radiate the

gentleness of true love.


Another spring is here to inspire the love and affection that she carries with her

that has grown through the years with you.


She feels fulfilled and content as she listens to the heartbeat beside her, intertwined 

as one.


Beating gently lulling you to sleep









Togetherness as one


All things come together as one. Thoughts, feeling and just being yourself with the one you love. You know when you reach the perfect place in your life.

It may take a lifetime for some to reach this plateau, others it may come early in life. Maybe you have to live inside your own skin to get the feel for someone and yourself.

Mature and redefine your thoughts, feeling of what is most important to you at every stage of life you enter. Just don't let it pass you by.

It can be a lesson in humility and an exciting road for some and a rocky road with hills to climb for others. You grow stronger with every step you take on your mission to find the rainbow waiting for you.

At one point you will come to a cross road in your travels and ponder what direction you should take. Let your subconscious spirit be your guide, whatever road you chose you will learn and experience life.

Love and contentment will find you when you least expect it. Patience, caring and living life to the fullest each morning you wake will help you on this journey.






Life and Dreams


As you travel through life, your path may run parallel to some. People come into and out of your life. Each leaves a mark with you.  

I believe everyone has their own thoughts of how they want their lives to evolve. Few people are fortunate enough to attain the fairy tale life they dream of. Most never do. Maybe that is not their destiny. My thought is to enjoy each moment for what it brings to your life and hope that everyone will do the same.

When there is a loss of a family member or good friend, you start looking at your own life and those of your loved ones differently. You realize that life will never be as perfect as you would like.

You reach your destiny by choosing the roads ahead. They will always overlap or travel alongside others. Yet the branch will separate sometime.

I truly wish I knew, but believe I will never find the answer to any of these questions. The older I get all I really want is harmony and the show of love from those who are in my heart. And to learn to cope with losing a loved one. It does change one's life when this happens.

We are fragile fragment of our universe, never knowing when life becomes undone.

Isabel's passing will leave a footprint in my life forever.




Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Great-grandmother.






An old friend  of ours, Rick Shaw passed away. So sad as he brought smiles to so many people.






I just want to thank everyone that has been part of my web site and sent me letters and e-mails.

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and the best in 2012 to you and yours.

With much love to all.





The older we get the more our family and friends become important to us.

Every year we seem to lose someone who we truly care for and have loved over the years. We get caught up with everyday events and perhaps fail to keep up with the people who have been close way back when or the ones who have been with us through the years. The days seem to go so much faster as we grow older and some are very fortunate to have their family still with them.

Lately my thoughts have been with relatives of yesteryear as I was fortunate to come into contact with two second cousins that I did not know even existed.

It took a death for us to come together and they had been tracking the Scottish family tree for ten years. My ancestry came alive with pictures and documents that they had been collecting over the years. I thank Bob and Linda for all the work that they have put into this. Now I hope my other cousins Ann, Clarence, David and Allen add their family history to finish this chapter so the younger generation can experience their history. Not mention that genealogy is fascinating.

My husband�s cousin Bo from Finland has put his history of the family together too and I must say he has put much work into this for centuries. We met Bob�s father�s side of the family when we traveled to Finland in 1974. Now maybe Bob will get started on his mother�s side as that is a truly interesting story. His Mother was separated from her twin in Bodo, Norway when they were eight years old. Her Mom died and her two sisters each took one child, with one left in Norway and Bob�s Mom coming to Canada. After eighty one years Vilma  finally found her sister Olga after searching for all those years. They were reunited when Vilma travelled to Norway with her grandson Chris. Unfortunately Olga had Alzheimer�s by then. But Vilma was sure after spending hours with her that there was an understanding and recognition in Olga�s eyes. I am happy it made Vilma feel good after so many years of looking for her sibling.

We don�t always appreciate our family history until we get older, but there will be many interesting people and stories in every family. Don�t let them disappear into oblivion. It is your heritage.

Just my own thoughts on this October day.





Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass it's about caring and loving

your relatives and friends while you can touch and see them,

and they are still among us.




After twelve years in the same location, we decided to move out of Vancouver.

 Sounds odd to say we are moving to the suburbs. We were in the suburbs and moved back into the downtown core. Maybe we will miss the bustle of busy Vancouver, maybe not. The sirens echoing through the night we have come accustomed to, the drunks making their way home getting everything off their chest in hollering rants along the way. The Olympics were a pure joy of the happy crowds in the wee hours of the morning.

Now to a community with a lake a few minutes walk from our home. The quiet of looking out on a beautiful garden with the birds waking you up;  having breakfast on our patio with the fragrance of the spring blossoms below. This is just another journey that we have decided to take in our lives at this time. We have always been ready to take a new direction in our life path.

This move has been a hard one for both of us, stress, sore backs and exhausting early nights, only staying awake to watch the hockey playoffs, sometimes missing the last twenty minutes.

Just want to say thanks to all who offered and those who showed up and helped make the move easier. Good friends are hard to come by, and we have some real gems.

Thanks Dear Friends.




Casey Douglas Adkins

May 14,1981    -    December 28, 2009

A vibrant young man who was tragically taken while building his life in such a positive way.


Jesus said ....

Many mansions, there are many mansions,

in my Father's house you'll always have a place to go.

Many mansions, oh so many mansions,

and if that weren't true I'd never tell you so.

I go now to prepare a place for you.



Wherever we may go after our brief visit here on Earth, Casey is already there,
and it is a comfort to think we have an advocate of such high respect,
perhaps saying a word for us when we arrive there ourselves.






Many years ago I met a boy at public school. I was twelve in grade seven. He was one grade ahead of me and I had a terrible crush on him. I truly believed he did not know I even existed and I watched him from a distance for six months.

I remember so clearly my feelings of empathy then. One day he arrived at school around lunch all dressed up in a brown suede jacket and black cord pants and looked so sad. Later I found out he had been to his grandmother�s funeral. He never even told his teacher why he was late and got a detention for not having a note.

Halloween came and a friend invited me to her party and I was sure she had a crush on this boy as well. It was the first mixed party I had ever gone to and I knew he would be there. I wore my best powder blue Dalkeith sweater. We played Spotlight and he picked me to kiss. I was floating on air. But then I had to get home for my curfew. A neighbourhood boy said he would walk me home. I still recall our eyes meeting as I left with the other boy and he watched me from the girl�s porch. Our future was already decided even if I didn�t know it.

My teenage crush was considered a bad boy by my parents. He was from a broken home. He was tested at school to see if he just didn�t pay attention, or didn�t apply himself. Turned out he was a smart kid who just was not interested in what was being taught. I didn�t understand why my parents did not like him, but when he started to come to my house he always whistled instead of knocking on the door. Much to the irritation of my dad. Yet my mom did feed him when he looked hungry. That was just what people did in those days.

We started to go steady that year and had many laughs and lots of fun as teenagers finding ourselves. At thirteen, on my backstairs, he asked me to marry him, which we thought was funny at the time. He went off to a different high school than me but we continued going together. He had his interests, wrestling at Western Sports Center and I had mine, ice skating at the old Forum, and yet we began to grow as a couple.

When I reached seventeen we broke up, he going his way and me mine. We still saw each other although he was seeing another girl and I was seeing another guy. Even during that year we were never far from each other�s thoughts.

Then my sister was about to be married. He was always her favourite and believed he was meant for me. She made sure she asked him to be in her wedding party as I was her bridesmaid. That night we got back together for good.

This month we will celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary.



I received this on May 30th from that boy ....


Fifty years flashes past as fifty seconds.


              I am blessed to have met you at such a young age and to have had my destiny determined then.

Our spirits are linked inexorably.

We are truly soul mates.

 If I am able to follow you to Heaven, where you will surely go,

my wish would be to relive with you, each of the seconds in those fifty years as a complete day together.

That would be my Heaven.


Happy anniversary,  Jane,  you are my gold.

 I love you always,  Bob




Nancy and Gary,

Just a heartfelt thanks to you both for making our anniversary very special.

Your thoughtfulness has always been there for us through the years, we just want you to know that we love you both from the bottom of our hearts. The bottle of wine waiting for us in our room, then the picture in the Sun on Saturday morning as we enjoyed breakfast.

And many thanks for all the cards of congratulations, dear friends. We felt so loved. 

Jane and Bob


Happy  Anniversary,

Well   Bob,  Happy 50th Anniversary,  so looking forward to our little holiday together. We have had a great ride so far and hopefully the next year will bring us more adventures and our plans will come true for our 51st.  Love Jane




Our special friend Anne

As it comes to two years since you left us, I think of you often, our long conversations, laughs and those dinners we shared. Your face always showed a smile and it lit up a room.

You were a compassionate woman who was always there for your family and friends; nothing was too much trouble when asked. Right to the end your sense of humour never faltered. You will be remembered by many this month May 9th with much love and affection.

 Save a place for us dear Anne .....










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