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Although we have links here that offer information and suggestions of help for many people who may be suffering their problems, most often in silence or chagrin, the targets of this help may not always be able to access these suggestions, due to the inability to access a computer, where they live, their situation or for whatever reasons. The advantage then falls upon those who do read and understand what may be offered, and to make help available to others who may need some direction.

Statistics are only guide points.
The true help for these individuals, friends, acquaintances, or loved ones always filters down to a face to face appraisal of the problem. A family doctor is more likely to be the first action to answers and awareness. And perhaps a better direction for that person.



BC Emergency services  -



Relationships & Marriage  
Canadian psychological Association

The American Psychological Association

Relationships - BBC - UK

Family Life counselling -  (Christian)

Information on teen suicide

Facing the Facts  -  Suicide in Canada


 - APA Help Center - Family & Relationships





Teenage drug use statistics


Women's interests  

Woman inspiring

Sure Woman - attitude




Is your cell phone cool? Do you have ICE?      


Drugs and Alcohol  
Truth about drugs

Trial effort in Vancouver - Four Pillars

The original proven Alcoholics Anonymous

A drug guide by names of drugs







Same Sex  
News for same sex couples

Gay and Lesbian news





Parenting and family advice

Parent and Baby





Debt and Money  

Debt counselling and money management

Problem gambling

Finding info about credit cards





Eating disorders  - - -


We now have a link for eating disorders. Yet we know that many women and men  find much satisfaction and reward in cooking.
And an interest in cooking for oneself  leads to an awareness of healthy eating as well as an interest in something worthwhile.
You may want to visit these Auntie Jane's links for information about cooking, preserving and recipes.
And cooking is really all about sharing, isn't it?

You may not turn into Meryle Streep, but you could become the new Julia Child.







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