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Dear Auntie Jane

My husband and I certainly missed the mark on this. I am the mother whose daughter wrote to you about me having cancer. Thank you for your advice to Kelly, she showed both my husband and me your response to her. We sat down that night and explained what the doctor has said so far. I was not aware of Luke crying himself to sleep. Kelly has grown up in front of our eyes and she was the responsible adult in this situation. It will be a rough few months ahead, but I have so much love coming my way I will be a survivor.





Dear AJ.

 I just had to write as I just came across your web site. The way you have it set up is brilliant. The design and colour are so easy on the eyes and your artistic talent certainly shows.

I find your answer to the question that you are asked shows you are sometimes as quirky as your picture. Donít get me wrong I agree with most of your answers. The ones I donít, I would have blown those off without an answer. I guess it takes all kinds to make this world revolve and those less fortunate or plain stupid have to have their questions answered.

I have put myself in some of the circumstances in your letters and find them very helpful. I liked the one about the brother-in-law hitting on his sister. I hope she nails him good. Just sorry about his wife, hope she never gets to hear the tape recording.

Keep up those quirky answers A.J

A faithful reader from now on.

Sandy MacDonald


Dear Sandy;

Thank you for writing, I appreciate your comments. I cannot take credit for setting up my website. My husband has the artistic talent and he did all the hard work. You can go see his website at

Thanks again and hope you continue to browse our sites.




Dear A.J.

Just a few comments regarding your web site that we find so very interesting. A friend told me to go have a look see. Now my husband and I talk about your answers over drinks before dinner. Your wit and honesty comes across like you truly care about each person asking advice.

 Now my husband wants to take our holidays next year walking the Camino. We will be picking up tips from your gathering of information on your site. We may even bump into you on the trails.  Great web site.

Kit @ Mike




Hi Auntie Jane:

I was surfing the other night when I couldnít sleep. Came across your web site and starting reading the questions you get from what seems like all age groups. I must say I enjoyed them all so far. I will keep returning as I find you have wisdom as well as a great sense of humour when called for. At the moment I have no problems to ask about, but will certainly keep you in mind if I do. I also am looking forward to hearing more about your Camino trip. What an endeavour to tackle for your age group. (Not saying your old.) I am sure your family and friends are rooting for you. I sure am.

Kathy Gordon from England.



Hi Jane;

I came across your web site while surfing and realized that I knew you from King Ed. I was amazed to find you are still married to that guy, and fifty years to boot. Congratulations to you both. I am on my third wife with five kids. I was very interested in your story about going to Europe  to travel and to tackle the Camino del Compostella. Sounds like you have had a very interesting life. (Guess you made the right choice those many years ago.) I will follow your trek as I am sure many others will. Enclosed is my e-mail and I would love to hear from you. I live in Toronto or would ask you to meet for coffee.




Dear Auntie Jane -
    I was trying to find an answer to a problem troubling me for quite some time. I read the newspaper advice columns, visited other websites and looked everywhere for an answer. I found your site from a friend who said it was new. So I perused some of your emails. I didn't find much that was like my own problem, and was about to leave when I read your heading at the top. It WAS like you said, anyone I had asked previously seemed to have an answer that they thought I wanted to hear, or it was really about them and their own personal position, and not really mine. Then I realized I too was not being honest because I was withholding certain embarrassing facts about myself. Worst of all, I was withholding those facts from ME! It was asking a question and not really wanting to hear the answer that had to be given. Once I looked at my problem with the idea of asking a stranger who didn't even know me, it changed what answer I was expecting to hear. And then I asked myself my questions as if I was asking you, and answered myself with honesty. So, although it meant me making a hard and real decision based on the truth of my situation, I was able to resolve my problem at least in knowing where to start. Sometimes just writing it all down works.
So you have helped me without even knowing it, Auntie Jane, and I thank you for how you say things and just because you are here.

Thank you. 

Starting over.


Auntie Jane

     Congratulations on your new website!  It's about time you shared.

Friend from the past.



    Jane, love what you're doing now!  Interesting website!
ex coworker







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