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Auntie Jane is about to celebrate her fiftieth wedding anniversary! Married in 1959 to her childhood sweetheart who had been her boyfriend since they were 13 years old!  (The Foncies photo was taken sometime about 1957)  They went to Hawaii on a propeller plane which took 12 hours to get there! Then settled in to marriage and the raising of two children, a boy and a girl.

In 1974, wanderlust invaded their comfortable North Vancouver life and they sold their house, packed up the children and headed for Europe for a year of travel in their own car. A BMW bought on European delivery plan. Eventually visiting 36 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia before returning to North America and Vancouver. This extensive travel has exposed Auntie Jane to many cultures and people around the globe. She became an excellent cook, originating her own recipés and currently fills her larder each summer with the canning of local fruits and vegetables. Much of this work/joy can be seen on her other website page -

She has worked in various occupations throughout her life, from cashiering at Safeway to operating her own business of two art galleries to becoming Retail Operations Manager for a retail chain. Still making time to study psychology. She has also become a successful actress in many TV commercials.

She now delights in her two grandchildren, a boy and a girl.

Today Auntie Jane is available for consultation via email regarding the many problems facing people as they struggle to cope with their personal lives.  And believes a fifty year successful marriage is her qualification. She has always been the shoulder to cry on or the sympathetic ear to hear. And her life experience allows her to comment with wisdom, intelligence and empathy. Auntie Jane is a unique personality who is independent and seeks the same for all women.




Auntie Jane


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